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RENEW South Florida – More Churches


RENEW South Florida – More Churches

Anthony Elswick

Last week I was able to attend a meeting of Renew South Florida. Renew is a network of church planters working to revitalize south Florida through the church. It was neat to see such a diverse group of guys, all from different spiritual backgrounds, getting together to pray for and encourage each other. The local body of believers, for all its idiosyncrasies, is the best hope for creating lasting change in a community, because it is uniquely positioned to motivate Christians to outreach, train up believers in the gospel, and send them out again into the community. That’s why it was so refreshing to hear people speaking about the different ways they were going about reaching their community for Christ through the church.

That is also why we want to see more churches planted in the greater Managua area and throughout Nicaragua. As new churches pop up in rural villages or in the poor, urban areas, the message of the gospel will spread. People who are laboring under the heavy yoke of legalism will finally hear the message of the freedom of the gospel. Believers who have grown stagnant and ingrown will be challenged anew to reach their neighbors and their community for Christ. New churches will be started that will be able to reach people who have not been connected to any local church, and in that way, the kingdom of God will advance and gain new footholds throughout the country.

Join with us in praying for south Florida, that these new churches would be able to affect real change in their communities. Let’s pray that God would also prepare the way for new churches in Nicaragua and that a light would shine where there is currently darkness!