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5 mail reasons people serve on the mission field


5 mail reasons people serve on the mission field

Anthony Elswick

Food for thought for anyone who has felt the tug of missions on their heart:

In her blog post Missionary Motivators, Angie Washington identifies 5 main reasons missionaries choose to go.

5 main reasons people serve on the mission field:

  1. Call of duty – a commissioning ceremony, a scripture that spoke to your heart, a sense of obligation
  2. Itching for adventure – you crave risk, you’re an adrenaline junky, boredom terrifies you
  3. Bleeding heart – your heart breaks at the plight of the downtrodden, compassion fills your soul
  4. Way of escape – deep down you know you had to get away, you are running, you are seeking refuge
  5. Purpose driven life – you want your life to count for something significant, fulfillment

Of course, the call to missions  is not cut and dry, and I have fallen into most of these over the years, but I identify most with number three.  My heart bleeds for those who don't have the means to hear the gospel.  After Tony and I returned from Nicaragua last fall, my mind couldn't release the thought of the many without a church to teach them true grace, and the pastors who lack basic theological education and encouragement.  I don't believe I have all knowledge to train or disciple, but I know where to find it in God, through his word.  So the "plane" that gets me to the mission field is the "bleeding heart" for discipling those who have no one else.