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Nicaragua's official!

Updates's official!

Anthony Elswick

Well… its official! We are now duly, deputized missionaries with Mission to the World!  We got to spend the past week at MTW headquarters in Atlanta being trained. It was a long week, so I’ll just give you the highlights…

  1. We got to Atlanta on Saturday so that we had time to spend in the American Girl store on Sunday before I&O (Interview and Orientation) began. The American Girl store is like crack for little girls. They go nuts! But to be honest, I don’t know if it’s the mothers or the daughters who enjoy it more.
  1. It was fun making new friends who are headed to the field and seeing some old friends from Readiness Evaluation like Frank, Julie and the Parks. Our I&O group included missionaries headed to Japan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Germany, Australia, Bulgaria, Honduras and, of course, Nicaragua!
  1. We received training on support raising and team building and learned about MTW’s policies.
  1. We were interviewed by the Committee of Mission to the World, which oversees MTW and were subsequently appointed as MTW missionaries.

It was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot. We really came away from the week with a greater appreciation for all that MTW does and with a lot of excitement for the work we have ahead!