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What I Love About Support Raising - Fighting Materialism

Anthony Elswick


Towards the early part of last year, I heard people on the radio talking about Jen Hatmacker’s book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.  The radio hosts had taken up the challenge and were sharing how difficult it was for them to live for a month on one week’s worth of clothes.  I have never read the book myself or taken the challenge for the sake of the challenge, but thanks to our support raising efforts, I have accomplished the feat about 3 times this year… with plenty of trips left ahead!

When I heard them on the radio, I rolled my eyes because I figured they were just being babies.  But when it came time to spend over a month in Belgium for a mandatory MTW training, my opinion changed.  There are only so many suitcases you can take with you when you have a large family and we only had enough space in our bags for a week’s worth of clothes each.  I didn’t think it could be done and figured that I would be dirty most of the time. Of course, it all worked out and I was clean enough or at least as dirty as everyone else!  There have been two times since then when we have gone on month long support raising road trips with only a week’s worth of clothes and I can say it gets easier each time.

The nice thing is that support raising causes you come face to face with certain sins, pride, envy, and, of course, materialism.  I never thought I was materialistic until I was forced to get rid of things and go without.  I realized how silly it was that my heart was so captured by things like clothes… I mean, I’m a dude!  I’m sure materialism is completely dead in my heart but God is gracious in all the process. As he prepares us to move to the field I am sure we will have to work on some more sin issues.  But, for now, growing in my ability to fight materialism is one of the things I love about support raising!