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August 2013 update


August 2013 update

Anthony Elswick

The month of August was a whirlwind for our family.  The month started with Tony and Nicolette headed down to South Florida to meet with some pastors and old friends, while Amber and the three older girls traveled to Mississippi to see family with her mom.  We were back in town for less than 48hrs before we were off together in our van for a 2 week trip.  During those two weeks, we each received 2 rounds of immunizations, which we are happy to announce have eradicated our risk of contracting yellow fever and typhoid.  We'll finish our rabies vaccines this month which will protect us from stray Nicaraguan dogs and finally allow Tony to get that pet raccoon he's always wanted (just kidding).  The trip also included lots of stops to see friends and family in Birmingham and Dothan Alabama; Augusta and Macon, Georgia and Aberdeen, Mississippi.  We enjoyed worshiping one Sunday with our Bragg side of the family in Birmingham, attending a family wedding with our Rye side of the family, and sharing a meal with a branch from the Elswick side of the family.  In Augusta, we stayed up too late chatting with fellow missionaries heading to Australia, and because we just could't help ourselves, stayed up super late again in Dothan with good friends we hadn't seen in person for several years.  Somewhere in the middle of all this craziness we started our first week of school in a missionary guest house outside of Atlanta.  We got back in town just in time for Tony to head off to South Florida again to meet with a couple of more churches.  Since we have been back our days have been packed with school, fundraising and planing our next trips.