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July 2013 update


July 2013 update

Anthony Elswick

This past year has been a really exciting one for our family!  This being our first newsletter, I will attempt to fill you in on the details and start to show you a picture of what our future will look like.  About a year ago we began the process of becoming missionaries.  We had felt called to be missionaries for most of our adult life but hadn't taken the any steps towards it until last April when we called Mission to the World (or MTW which is the official missions agency for the Presbyterian Church in America).  Shortly after that phone call, our pastor asked us to consider serving in Nicaragua alongside another missionary couple that our church works closely with.  In September 2012, Tony and I went on a vision trip to Nicaragua.  We left the country burdened for its great need of church planters, disciplers and trainers.  From there we began to dream about what our part of God's plan for Nicaragua would be.  

In January 2013 we went through
MTW's challenging assessment process which we were pleased to have passed with flying colors!  We met a lot of great future missionaries, learned a lot about ourselves, learned a lot about missions and LOVED our accessors!  In March we drove up to the MTW offices in atlanta for the official stamp of approval as missionaries and lots and lots of training.  We began fundraising in April, which normally takes about 18 months.  We hope to have 100% of our fundraising needs meet in August 2014.  

With the support of Church of Redeemer in Winter Haven and Trinity Presbyterian in Lakeland, Tony will start fundraising full-time and will begin a Missionary Internship August 1st.  We are so excited and grateful for the support of these two churches.  This will allow Tony to fundraise full time and glean wisdom from the pastoral staff.  This opportunity will allow us to get to Nicaragua much faster and better equipped.

Support Update

As of this month we have just over 20% of our monthly support meet, which is amazing.  Over the last few months of support raising we have been in awe of what the Lord is doing.  This has been a long process for us, beginning on our first date 12 years ago in June.  We look back and see how the Lord will use our journey for his glory in Nicaragua.  Please pray with us as we are in the middle of fundraising and are starting to plan a few trips in the fall.  

We had our first Family Photo Day last month. 


 Yes I say first, because we are planning another one in the fall.   If you missed this one do not miss the next one.   A big thanks you to Melinda Goodwin or MGPhotagraphy who donated her time and talent.  Despite the threat of rain we had mostly great weather and the pictures turned our amazing.  


Family Update

  • We had a great summer which included spending to 4th of July with Tony's family at the beach.  
  • Abigail, Hannah and Bethany preformed beautifully in their dance recital.
  • Hannah just turned 7 in June, and got a new pair of cowboy boots, which if you know our Hannah is a big deal.
  • Nicolette had her first swim lessons and impressed us all with how much she learned in a short period of time.
  • Bethany will celebrate her 5th birthday in Mississippi with my extended family!



Thank you for all your support and encouragement,
The Elswick's
Tony, Amber, Abigial, Hannah, Bethany, and NIcolette