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June 2014 update


June 2014 update

Anthony Elswick

 A few weeks ago, Amber took a short trip to Nicaragua to get a better feel for the city and how we are going to live there. She spent a lot of time with Murray and Robbie Lathrop, our MTW teammates.  They acted as her chauffeur, driving her through Managua visiting schools for the girls, a language school for us, and getting a feel for the area by checking out some rental homes.  
     Seeing the high quality of the girls' school helped to put our minds at ease.  We home school our girls now, so when we move, it will be their first time attending school.  The girls are really excited, but we are pretty nervous!  Amber also got a taste of the unique traffic of Managua, which includes horse drawn wagons and large traffic circles.  Schools were closed because of the recent earthquakes, so the kids decided to take to the streets in an attempt to make a little extra cash by doing street gymnastics.  When the traffic lights would turn red, elementary aged students would run in between the lanes and form human pyramids or perform juggling feats for the surrounding cars!  Not the safest thing in the world, but it does keep you on your toes while driving around a large city!  
     Amber also got to meet Melvin and Carina.  Melvin currently works on the farm as part of the Lathrop's ministry as an office manager as well as leading discipleship programs for workers on the farm.  He is hoping to become a pastor. 
     After Amber's trip, we sent a report to MTW detailing what she found, and we received approval to attend language school in Managua!  This is a pretty big deal, because it saves us over $20k in one time expenses and allows the girls to get settled into school as soon as we arrive.
     We have continued traveling throughout Florida, sharing our story, visiting churches and raising support.  We have had an exciting month adding, over $700 in monthly pledges!   Please consider joining with us in providing training and discipleship to future pastors by supporting our ministry monthly.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement,

The Elswick's
Tony, Amber, Abigail, Hannah, Bethany, and Nicolette