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November 2013 update


November 2013 update

Anthony Elswick

In the beginning of August, I got the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend. Amber and I met him when we first started to attend Palm Vista Community Church in Miami in 2003. At the time we were all young, starry-eyed newlyweds dreaming about taking the world by storm! We got to spend time in the trenches with him as Amber and his wife, Kristen, did preschool co-op and potty training (some really smelly trenches!), and Jose and I went through discipleship classes together. In the years since, we moved away from Miami and Jose planted a church, Christ City Church in Miami. This past August, I visited the church, and Jose and I were able to have lunch together at an authentic Cuban restaurant. We had a great time together talking about old times and also discussing our future goals and plans. A few months later, I got to attend Christ City Church again, but this time I was able to bring Amber and the girls along when I was invited to preach. It was a really special time and capped off at the end when Jose invited people from the congregation to lay hands on Amber and me as he prayed. After service, we went to Jose's house for lunch and got to see our kids playing together again.

 Our time together really illustrates one of the aspects about support raising that has been fun for us – getting to reconnect with old friends. We get to see first hand how the Gospel creates unity and helps knit us together as life-long friends, because as believers, we are all on the same mission of spreading the gospel.

Another highlight of the last few weeks was this past weekend. Amber was invited to speak at an Embrace Network meeting, which is a gathering of ministry wives in South Florida. So, Amber left very early on Saturday morning, entrusting me to a house full of girls, and headed to South Florida. She had a lot of fun while meeting amazing women from the conference, where she shared our story and encouraged the women to be personally involved in missions.