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Reflections from the Road - Number III

Anthony Elswick

horse drawn reflections.jpg

When you are a support raising missionary you spend a lot of time in your car thinking and driving and sometimes, to be honest, the driving takes longer than the back log of thoughts that I have stored up in my head and this is especially true when I am driving alone.  Its in this state that you can notice things you normally wouldn’t – like rip in the space time continuum just south of a small town called South Bay.  After South Bay you have about a 45 minute drive through everglades and sugar cane fields.  Now when I say, 45 minutes, I mean it is 45 minutes by the clock but it certainly feels closer to 2 hours.  Which is why we need to put our best minds on that – figuring out how to harness this time warp to travel through time and what not.

But it’s all worth it because at the end of the road is family and friends.  I grew up in Fort Lauderdale and we lived there for about five years after we got married so we know a lot of people there and have a lot of contacts there.  It’s also where my family lives, which makes the trips extra special.  On our last trip down, we got to celebrate Bethany’s birthday with the whole family at a Children’s Museum on a Saturday and on Sunday my parents took the girls to Butterfly World so Amber and I could focus on support raising.  Support raising in an area where you have family is a real blessing.