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Reflections from the Road - Number I

Anthony Elswick

Steve Tamayo is a communication Ninja!  You may not know Steve, but I do, and I have benefited greatly from our friendship.  We got to stay with him, his wife Amy, and their two sons on our recent trip to North Carolina.  We had previously known them from when they lived in South Florida working with Intervarsity but it was great to see that they were settling in at Pittsborro.

We stayed with them for two nights, the week before I was going to speak at a Presbytery in South Carolina.  For those of you who don’t know, Presbyterians get their name from their form of government where local churches are grouped together and their elders meet quarterly to have a worship service, discuss joint business, and exam and ordain new pastors.  During these meetings, missionaries are allowed a five minute presentation.  Heading into the week, I was feeling like my presbytery presentation needed a bit of a tune up.

Steve stayed up until midnight with us crafting the presentation, trimming the fat and pretty much reshaping the entire message.  We changed it to center on the benefits of having a focused missions strategy in which you connect your short term trips to a long term goal working with a career missionary.

I went to presbytery later that week and thanks to Steve’s help I felt much more confident with my new improved presentation.