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What I Love About Support Raising

Anthony Elswick

I visited a new church this past Sunday to which I had very little previous connection, they were a part of a network of churches that another one of our supporting churches is a part of but that is about it.  I emailed the pastor a few times before going, just to give him a heads up that I would be there.  So, I drove an hour to this church and was blown away. 

I’m a nerd on many levels and certainly church is one of those levels, so I am always interested to see how churches are set up especially when they don’t have a building.  This one met at a movie theater but they had done a wonderful job making it feel like church.   The place was packed and you could actually feel a level of excitement as the church service started.  The worship was amazing and so was the preaching and I could really see why it was growing so quickly so fast, but the most amazing thing for me was what happened after the service.

As people where exiting, I hung back a little to allow the pastor time and space to pray for people in his congregation who wanted it.  Then I introduced myself and we spoke for a few minutes about the church, our family and what my work will be in Nicaragua.  And then… he had the church cut me a check!  The generosity blew me away! 

We are going to get back together when we have a more relaxed atmosphere to talk but it was so encouraging to experience a church that is freely generous towards missions.  That’s one of the reasons why I love support raising.  You get to have Sunday’s like this one where you get surprised by other people’s generosity and love of missions.