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Team Elswick - The Back Story

Anthony Elswick

Today is a really significant day for me because it’s Amber’s birthday!  Of course, there was a time when her birthday wasn’t a big deal to me at all… there were 20 of those in fact.  So for Amber’s birthday, I figured I would share part of Team Elswick back story – so that you can learn how I came to celebrate September 16th.

It all goes back to the Maccabees… just kidding!  No, it was sophomore year… my first year at Florida’s premier institution of higher education - University of Central Florida.  I had met Amber through the Baptist Collegiate Ministries and was really impressed.  Not only was she beautiful AND a strong Christian she was also a rare breed in that she wanted to be a missionary.   I still needed to get to know her better, though, so being the slick gentleman that I am, I found out her favorite book and proceeded to read it (more or less).  I was “so moved by the book” that I asked her to coffee to get her thoughts on it.  So, there we were at one of the three Starbucks in the Waterford Lakes Plaza, talking about the Lord and missions and I was sold.

Now, what you need to know, is that although I was sold on her… she wasn’t sold on me.  We hung around the same group of friends and over the next couple of weeks I strutted around like Gaston planning our first date, marriage and subsequent conquest of the world for Christ.  What could go wrong, right?  So on a fateful Thursday night, I couldn’t push asking her out off any further (because I had a group of friends coming in town who were pressuring me to ask her out already) and she said… yes!  Luckily, nothing did go wrong, because in God’s providence, Amber decided that she liked me only the night before!  What a difference a day makes!

Well, I have celebrated her birthday every year since and plan to until the day I die!