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Reflections from the Road - Number IV

Anthony Elswick


One of the main goals of raising support is simply trying to get your story out.  If you want people to support the ministry then, of course, they need to hear about what you are doing.  One way we do that is to try to identify like-minded churches that we can introduce ourselves too.  After finding several churches we want to connect with, I plot the churches in my Best Route App giving me the optimal route to take and head off in the Missions Mobile (my Corolla) to drop off our “Introducing Team Elswick” package for churches. 

Last week I did the rounds in the greater Orlando area driving over 100 miles dropping by churches, introducing myself, and leaving our contact information.  I did it twice in North Carolina and one other time in South Carolina.  Sometimes I get to meet the pastor, sometimes I just drop it off with the church secretary and sometimes nobody is there and the office is closed. 

Without a doubt the hardest part of doing the rounds is choosing what music to listen to on Spotify.  Of course, you can never go wrong with some old school Christian alternative like Plankeye or Supertones.  It helps bring back some fun high school memories.  Recently I found an upbeat worship station on Spotify which I am getting into.  But the tried and true driving music is probably also the most obvious – Celtic Punk (that’s what you were guessing right?).