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What I Love About Raising Support

Anthony Elswick

Early on in the support raising process I was given an exciting opportunity.   If I could raise enough support to get on MTW’s health insurance, two churches would come together and create a yearlong internship for me so that I could leave my job at the hospital and focus on raising support, going through MTW’s pre-field training, and to spend time learning from my local pastors.  It was an amazing opportunity.

A couple of weeks before the informal deadline I learned that there was a problem… in order to get on MTW’s insurance our support account would need to have a positive balance.  However, everyone in MTW starts out with a negative support balance in order to pay for our evaluation and training.  This meant that we were about $4,000 in the hole. 

That evening, as I was thinking about things and feeling down, I remembered that there was an old friend who I needed to call back.  I was hesitant to make the call, though, because I was a bit overwhelmed by the news but in the end I decided that I should.  We talked for a couple of hours, catching up and I got to share what I was going to be doing in Nicaragua.  At the end of the phone call, without my prompting, my friend told me that he had a check ready for me… and that it would more than cover our deficit.

What a great testimony to God’s faithfulness and His answering to prayer that our situation could be reversed in the course of one phone call.  Raising support puts you in a place where you are always dependent on God’s hand moving in people’s hearts in order to get to the field.  Seeing God’s faithfulness first hand is one of the things that I love about support raising.