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Reflections from the Road VI - The Peacock and The Hubcap

Anthony Elswick

Every now and again, God doubles up on his lessons.  After realizing that I has left my wallet in Winter Haven while parked at Holiday Park in the Everglades (you can read about here), I noticed a peacock.  I was driving slow, looking at the peacock and thinking about the peacock’s vanity and then my own when all of a sudden, I felt a bump!  I had just run over something!  I nervously got out of my car, wondering what the penalty was for running over an alligator, if the alligator would be alive enough to bite me and if any of the bystanders were going to capture it all on their cell phones, when I saw it.  I hadn’t run over an alligator or any animal for that matter.  I had run over my own hubcap!

That’s right, the Missions Mobile lost yet another hubcap this time while people watched.  I grabbed it and quickly put it on the passenger seat then drove off feeling more than a bit sheepish.  The ole’ Missions Mobile is not much of a looker to begin with, but I still managed to be embarrassed about its changed state.  Although I am going to be getting rid of it when we move and I try to gain comfort by reminding myself that its beauty comes from the fact that it’s paid off, I still feel humbled by its physical state.

Isn’t that crazy?  Of all the things that can define us or that we can put our value in, a beater car has to be among the silliest.  I’m just thankful that part of this process of pursuing missions allows me to isolate those fears and hopefully grow in them.  Of course, we should put our treasure in Heaven and we should find our value in the identity we bear in our adoption by Christ but sometimes I don’t.  Praise the Lord that even though I tend to get caught up in vanity, he gently reminds me what is really important… by allowing me to lose a hub cap every now and again!