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Let’s Read the Bible Together!

Anthony Elswick

My home church, Church of the Redeemer Winter Haven, encourages us to read the bible together using their Community Bible Reading program.  You read one chapter in the Old Testament and one chapter in the New Testament.  If you follow the program, you will read through the New Testament each year and the Old Testament in three years.  It’s a long commitment but we can do it together!

If you don’t have a regular reading plan or devotional why not join us?  I’ll be writing a short devotional based on one of the chapters each day (it will be posted under the Community Bible Reading page on our website) and you can chime in with your thoughts as well.  We’ll also have a Team Elswick prayer item that we would love for you in prayer for that day.  Because of where we are in the schedule we will be starting Daniel tomorrow but will already be in the middle of Ephesians. 

I hope you’ll join us!