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What I Love About Raising Support - Vol 3

Anthony Elswick

As a part of our support raising efforts, we get to spend a lot of time with new people.  The vast majority of times these encounters are positive.  Of course, there are those times when people want to tell us all their missionary kids horror stories, and by the sound of it, every binge drinking college student must have been a MK… homeschooled… or both.  Sometimes these encounters go above and beyond and the people become a huge and ongoing source of encouragement.

We met one couple and their kids at an event and got to spend a lot of time talking to them and our kids got to play with their kids.  They had been missionaries before and so we got to hear some of their war stories.  It was amazing how quickly we felt bonded to them.  Abigail said it best as we were leaving that event, “I didn’t know you could become such good friends so fast!”  They even chose a creative way to join our support team, by donating a portion of their business’ profits.

If we didn’t have to raise support we would never have met this amazing couple.  Of course, it shouldn’t be a total surprise, God calls us to a mission and as we join together in that mission our hearts get intertwined.  Naturally, you can’t help but like people who love the same things as you do but that force becomes even more powerful when aided by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Having strangers become good friends is one of the things that I love about raising support!