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What Made the Cut - Evidence Not Seen

Anthony Elswick

With our impending move to Nicaragua coming up we have had to jettison a lot of my books, only keeping those that were significant to me in one way or another.  “Evidence Not Seen” by Darlene Deibler Rose is one of those books.  It’s the autobiography of a young missionary woman who moves to Dutch New Guinea with her new husband before the outbreak of World War 2. After the Japanese capture the Islands, all the missionaries are put in internment camps.  The main bulk of the book is about her harrowing time in the camp and how her faith sustained her.

In the acknowledgments page of the books she says that she wrote the story primarily for her two boys.  “I wished them to know if ever difficult circumstances came into their lives, that their mother’s God is still alive and very well, and His arm has never lost its ancient power!”  That’s one of the reasons why this book has made the cut and we are taking it with us.  One day, I hope my girls will find this book on our shelf, read it and have their faith strengthened.  I know mine was when I read it!

The thing about this story that I really love is that Darlene doesn’t seem like an extraordinary person but an ordinary person who had extraordinary faith in an extraordinary God.  I hope that her example will encourage my girls that regular people can overcome great odds because we serve a God whose “arm has never lost its ancient power.”  You should definitely read this book, but you can’t borrow my copy, its coming to Nicaragua with me!