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August 2014 Update

Anthony Elswick

 Have you ever wondered what the total resell value of your possessions were?  I've never really thought too much about it myself... but now I know... because we sold just about everything we owned.  It's a funny feeling helping someone carry your couch and bed out of your house on the same day. It is certainly a point of no return!  We spent June cashing out our accumulated possessions so that we could downsize and move out of our home.  Amber's parents have been gracious in letting us stay with them until we finish raising the rest of our support.
     No sooner did we move everything out of the house, did we hop on the highway like a band of gypsies (in the words of Willie Nelson).  Tony was invited to preach at The Lighthouse Church in Pembroke Pines and then we drove up to North Carolina.  We spentthe next few weeks circling between North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones and raising support.  In Georgia we stopped by the MTW office do some paperwork and received prayer by the staff!
     We are back in Florida for the time being and trying to wrap up the rest of our support raising.