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December 2014 Update

Anthony Elswick

 We have hit 83% of our monthly needs!  Amber and I  are so thankful for everyone who has joined our support team!  Its been exciting to see new monthly supporters come on board and some existing supporters increase their pledges.  We can't wait to get to the field and start the work that we are all sacrificing for! There are seven churches that will be making support decisions soon.  Please pray that those churches would join our support team.  Also, please pray for more families to join us in monthly giving.

     Our family is in and out of our home base so often now that we've stopped thinking in terms of road trips and have just embraced our life as pseudo-Gypsies... all we need is the covered wagon and tambourines!  
Please pray for safe travels!

MTW Area Retreat:

     Every four years all of MTW's missionaries to Latin America and Africa get together for a week of training and networking.  This year it was held in the Dominican Republic.  One of the highlights of this trip was the children's program hosted by the Global Family and Youth Ministry of MTW.  The girls were feeling down from all the travel but the area retreat allowed them to have a lot of fun with other missionary kids.  It was special to see how they connected and made friends.  Of course, Amber and Tony made friends too!  
Please pray that we would have endurance with joy as we continue to live uprooted lives.

Gospel Fellowship:

     Tony got the chance to preach at Gospel Fellowship a couple of weeks ago.  You can hear the sermon here- titled "Growing in our Christian Hate."  Gospel Fellowship is one of our partner churches.  We are really excited about what God is doing with them in Boynton Beach!  Amber will be going with their short-term team to Nicaragua December 11th-17th. 
Please pray for fruitful ministry and safety.

Leadership in an Interconnected World

     Tony was invited to attend a leadership training in Atlanta called "Leadership in an Interconnected World."  It was a great time of learning about the way missions is transforming and how need to adapt to meet those changes.  One of the main themes emphasized was the need to work collaboratively with other missionaries, local churches, and national partners.  Of course, Christian unity is something that brings God joy and helps be a visible example of the gospel.  
Please pray for our future and current partners that we would have unity in our work.