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September 2014 Update

Anthony Elswick

Just last week we hit an exciting milestone in our support raising – we are now at 75%!   We are amazed by the generosity shown to us and by our supporter's excitement to see pastors trained and churches planted in Nicaragua.  But while it’s great to be where we are, we still have the other 25% to raise.  We currently have about nine churches considering supporting us and church support will go a long way in getting us to the field.  Please pray that those churches would join our support team.  Also, please pray for many families to join our support team.

As you read this, we have already began an extended road trip for support raising.  We are currently in the Bradenton area.  Tony was able to preach at an exciting new church in the area, Harbor Community Church and we were able to schedule some meetings this week.  We are headed from Bradenton down to the Fort Lauderdale area for 2 weeks and then we head to MTW’s area retreat for a week.  Please pray for safe travels!