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Anthony Elswick

Summer is About to Begin!

The girl's school year is wrapping up and summer is about to begin!!

In brief:

  • The girls have done well in school and summer vacation starts this week! 
  • Our Spanish is progressing well and we are getting closer to gaining residency.
  • One of our biggest challenges has been our car.
  • Our Team Elswick week of prayer will be starting soon
  • Our first pastor training and short term training will be in early July!

We've made it to the end of the school year!  There are some things that you experience differently when your kids go to school then when you home school.  The end of the school year is one of those things.  The girls have done a great job adjusting to attending school, have received good grades and made many friends.  For us, we are filled with joy that we get a summer break from spelling tests! In all though, Nicaragua Christian Academy has been a great help in our girls transitions.  

We aren't fluent yet (of course) but we are able to see how our Spanish is improving.  In fact, it has improved a lot!  We can actually communicate!  When we first arrived it was about the closest I've come to being deaf, mute and illiterate because we couldn't talk to anybody, we couldn't understand what anybody else was saying, and we couldn't read road signs or anything else!  It was really disorienting.  Now, after 3 months of language school we can have some conversations and pick up what's happening around us!  Well... until we go to immigration - then all bets are off! Tony especially has had to spend a lot of time there lately both getting visa renewals and putting in our application for residency.  It took four trips before we got our first renewal!  Speaking to the immigration officers can be difficult because they are behind glass but with the help of our lawyer things are moving along.  Our application for residency has been accepted and is now being reviewed.  Please pray that our Spanish continues to grow and that our residency applications are approved!  

Our car situation has been challenging!  You come to the field knowing things are going to be hard and different but you don't really know which things will be hard.  I've (Tony) been able to find good coffee creamer and Oreo cookies which has been great. We are finding skills to manage life in the heat with no AC.  Those were some of the things I thought were going to be the toughest.  But probably our biggest challenge has been our car (I mean when you buy a 1992 you expect quality... wait... what?)  and the frequency with which it's been in and out of the shop.  Much of this is just related to the fact that the car is old and needed a lot of maintenance and we are grateful for God providing the financial means to pay for these repairs!  However, having a reliable vehicle is really important here in Nicaragua so please pray that these repairs would be effective and that we would have a break in the repairs!

Team Elswick's annual week of prayer is happening in a few weeks! Last year, we had over 30 people join us in fasting and over 60 that prayed with us!  We'll be sending out more information, including a prayer guide, next week but please consider joining us by choosing a day to fast and pray with us.

Our first pastoral training is just a few weeks away!  Crossway Church is coming in early July to put on a pastor's conference in Nagarote, The subject will be "Understanding the Mission of God."  Please start praying for this conference to have an impact on the pastor's and churches attending.

Please continue to pray:

  • Our continued growth in Spanish.
  • Our residency application.
  • Please pray that our car repairs would be effective and that we would get a break in them.
  • The pastor's conference in July.
  • Our continued safety and good health as we continue our transition.