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November 2015 UPDATE

Anthony Elswick

We have a big event coming up and need your prayers!

In brief:

  • Our big ministry kickoff event is a few days away!
  • We need your prayers!

Our big ministry kickoff event is a few days away!  We will be hosting about 15 pastors and ministry workers at our training.  With the help of our partner ministries, The Grace Institute and Third Mil, the pastors will be learning how to use our theological training program.  This is the first step in our efforts to bring "more training" to under-resourced pastors.  Eventually, some of these pastors will be leading learning groups in their own communities helping us spread high quality theological training throughout Nicaragua.

We need your prayers! In order for this training to have any real succes it will have to be the work of the Lord.  Please pray that the Lord would bless this training, bringing unity among the pastors and an excitement for learning more about Him.

But we also need personal prayer.  This past week has been nothing short of awful.  We've had car trouble, confusion with our agency, technology problems and I even received my first driving ticket!  Anyone of these things would have meant a bad week.  To have them all come together, so close to our kickoff makes me think there is a spiritual warfare dynamic at play.  Please be praying for our family that God would bring peace in the storm!