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Anthony Elswick

The girl's school has started again, marking the end to a great summer!

In brief:

  • We had our first short term team! 
  • Our Spanish is progressing well and we are now official residents!
  • God has answered our prayers!
  • We have a new team member.
  • The girls have Chikungunya
  • Nicolette started pre-school.

We had our first short term team!  Working together with our friends Steve and Angela Theriac, we were able to host a short term team from Crossway Church in Davie, Fl!  We put on a pastor's conference (where I preached my first sermon in Spanish!), and two VBS programs.  The team also went on home visits, provided counseling and built a relationship with the city of Nagarote.  One of the most powerful parts of the trip was the counseling provided by Mike Swihart, a licensed counselor from the church.  He taught two sessions and held personal and family counseling for church members for three days.  We saw a lot of amazing breakthroughs!  In one instance, a person was planning to commit suicide but decided to put it off upon hearing that a counselor was coming.  We are pleased that the Lord worked in the person's life and this person was able to find hope and, by God's grace, is recovering from the pains of the past!

Our Spanish continues to improve! We are still planning on ending our full time Spanish classes a the end of September and continuing it part time from there.  Both of us can see how our language is developing and how we are getting closer to where we need to be.  Its a long road but we now functioning!  The girls took Spanish classes over the summer which helped solidify and grow what they had learned during the school year last year.  We are now residents of Nicaragua... well, most of us anyway.  Because of an odd part in the process one off the girl's applications hasn't been approved yet, but we are expecting it to be finalized any day now!

God has answered our prayers!  In July, we asked you to join us in a week of prayer, and we were blown away by all the people who signed up.  We are pleased to report that God has already been at work answering your prayers.  We asked for prayer for Bethany's teeth and eventual oral surgery.  One of the teeth we thought was going to need surgery for is actually coming in normally!We still anticipate that she will need surgery for the other tooth, so please continue to pray!

We were also praying specifically for a second vehicle.  We are pleased to announce that a supporting church prayed about the need and decided to be the answer to that prayer!  We now have a new extended cab pickup truck!  Its exactly what we need.  It's large enough to fit our entire family, has four wheel drive which will allow it to take Tony to remote pastors, and has colorful LED lights on the wind shield wiper nozzle (which is more fun than function!). 

Please join in in praising God, who doesn't sit idly by when his people come to him in prayer!

We have a new team member!   
Bethany Alms has been approved by MTW and has started the process to come to Nicaragua and lead an English training.  She'll be working in Los Rios; the community where our other teammates, Robbie and Murray Lathrop have their beautiful farm.  You can learn more about Bethany at her website here.  Please pray for her as she walks through the process of raising support and receiving training.

The girls have Chikungunya.  Abigail, Hannah and Bethany were recently diagnosed with Chikungunya.  It is a virus that is an epidemic here in Nicaragua.  They missed about a week of school with high fevers, some joint pain and rashes.  They had pretty mild symptoms and are doing better now.  They have spent a full week back at school.  Thanks for all the prayers, messages and concern for our girls.  Continue to pray that the other 3 of us don't get the virus.  If you wold like to read more about the virus check out this website,  The virus is now in the US including Florida.

Nicolette started pre-school.  Our 4th daughter is the first to head to pre-school.   For 2 or 3 mornings a week, Nicolette will be enjoying her friends at a small, local Nicaraguan school.  She had a great first week that ended on Friday with a birthday party.  

Please continue to pray:

  • Our continued growth in Spanish.
  • The girl's new school year.
  • Please pray that our car repairs would be effective and that we wouldn't need any new repairs.
  • For our continued safety and good health as we continue our transition.
  • That God would bring us Nicaraguan partners in our work.