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5 weeks on the field

Anthony Elswick

The time really seems to have flown by!  Our time has been fun, exciting, scary and sad.

In brief:

  • We have settled in, the girls are thriving in school and we have started language school
  • Bethany had an accident, resulting in a concussion but has, thankfully, fully recovered
  • We have added a new dog... twice!

We have had a lot of fun moving into our house!  We moved out of our home in Florida at the end of June so having our own place again has been great!   Its also been a blast making new friends and exploring Managua. This is especially true for the girls, who were able to meet a lot of girls their ages in our neighborhood! 

School is exciting for the girls and they have been doing well!   Abigail even got to go to a sleep away camp after we had only been in the country for 3 days!  Their transition has been especially smooth considering that they have been homeschooled their whole lives. Us, adults, are back in school, as well, studying Spanish.  Our teacher comes to our home each day and we take our lessens in turns.  

We faced a big scare with Bethany.  She was playing on a hammock swing, fell off and got a huge bump on her head.  Have you ever seen those old cartoons where a character gets hit in the head and a ridiculously large red bump pops out of their head?  That's what it looked like!  We took her to the emergency room and it turns out she had a concussion!  It was mild and she made a quick recovery but it was certainly a scary time for us!

In the past three weeks we've had 2 dogs.  You can obtain a dog here one of three ways: 1) know someone with puppies 2) buy an expensive puppy from a pet store 3) buy a dog from the side of the road.  Buying one from the road has biggest risk because they aren't vaccinated  and many puppies don't make it.  We didn't know anyone with puppies, so we decided to save money and buy a dog from the side of the road.    Jacklyn was a cute German Shepherd - Rottweiler mix and would have made a great watch dog... if it wasn't for distemper.  Unfortunately, after two weeks the little puppy died.  The girls were very upset but fortunately a couple of days later a friend gave us the lead on a new puppy - and so Jack joined our family!

After a month in Nicaragua we are doing well!  Even though there have been some hiccups, the Lord has seen us through and the girls are thriving.  In the upcoming month we are looking forward to welcoming our first guests, when Amber's mom and brother come to visit.  Abigail is excited that we are going to be getting a kitten soon as well!  

Please continue to pray:

  • For our health and safety.
  • That Jack Dog (as Nicky calls it) will make it.
  • That our Spanish learning will go well.