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When We Aren't So Brave

Anthony Elswick

At first it came as a surprise, but now I know to expect it that one of the way’s that people will react to us telling them that we are moving to Nicaragua is to say that we are brave.  The idea of moving a family to a third world country that was in civil war during my lifetime is not one people generally consider.  I like to remind people that the war is over and that Nicaragua has the safest Latin American capital and such but, if I’m honest, we still have fears. 

It shouldn’t be all that big of a surprise that our biggest fear is for the girls.  We’ve homeschooled them for a reason and sheltering them was certainly one of them.  They’ve been raised in a safe little small town close to extended family and they are happy.  So, yeah, it’s pretty scary to upset the apple cart when things are going well.  I’ve heard one statistic about children raised overseas, that they don’t follow the typical bell shaped curve of success that most people do, where there are a few people who are really successful and a few who are really unsuccessful and most end up in the middle.  Instead they tend to either be really successful or really unsuccessful.  So the pressure is on to help them land towards the positive side.

During one of our trainings, MTW told us that the single largest factor of whether kids thrive or fail on the field is their father.  While it’s nice to know I am important it also ratchets up the pressure.  Of course, knowing that means that it is important to plan to balance my schedule enough so that I get to spend adequate time with the girls.  After all, I won’t see myself as successful if in my efforts all of Nicaragua is saved but my kids aren’t.

The main hope I have for my kids, though, is not in my ability as a parent but in God’s grace and sovereignty.  Our fears can be debilitating if we don’t realize that the God who died a horrible death for us is the same one who orchestrates the events of our life.  All the great men and women of God whom I have looked up to and have wanted to emulate have a particular characteristic in common: they trusted the Lord implicitly.  And who else should we trust?  I may be on the conceited side, but even I know that I’m not good enough or strong enough… but I serve a God who is!  So we have fears, but our God is greater than our fears!