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What Made the Cut - God's Smuggler

Anthony Elswick

When we moved out of our house we had to get rid of all non-essential items.  We don’t have a lot of room for luxury items because we have limited space.  That means that for every item we keep another item has to be left behind.  I owned a lot of books and so I had to downsize significantly… now I own fewer books.  However, one of the books that I kept was “God’s Smuggler” by Brother Andrew.  If this book doesn’t inspire you – check your pulse!

 I still remember sitting in my bed, junior year of high school, and pouring over the pages.  Someone from my church worked for Open Doors Ministry which was founded by Brother Andrew and he gave me my first copy.  Of course, I say my first because I have given it away so many times that I’ve bought several.  I can’t think of another book that I have owned so many copies of!  I walked away from reading this book with a bigger view of God, His power and His work.

What is so amazing about this book?  It’s the true story of the daring life of Brother Andrew who smuggled bibles into countries where owning a bible was a crime worthy of torture.  He was risking it all.  In some ways it was no risk at all, because he trusted in the hand of God and accepted that God would be good whether He protects him or not.  Through its pages, you experience the tragedy of a Christian life without a Bible, the excitement of hair raising escapes, and come face to face with God’s amazing faithfulness.  This book looks you in the face and dares you not to trust God with everything!  Please do yourself a favor and read this book.  If you ask me before I leave, I might have an extra copy you can have.