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Our Work

More Training

Our training work centers around making high quality theological education to under-resourced pastors by setting up local learning communities in the same communities were our pastors live and work. After watching the lectures, the students discuss and apply the lessons to their work and life. In November 2017, we had our first graduating class of 8 students. Our second graduating class was delayed because of unrest but will occur in early 2019 with 10 students. We continue to add new groups and currently have over 20 more students continuing through their courses!


More Churches

In 2017 we launched our church planter training program! It is a 2-year course and includes practical lessons like preaching, leadership, evangelism and church organization. While we focus in on some of the pastors, we also recognize the need to train the pastor’s wives and have included them in many of our trainings as well!

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More Pastors

We don’t only train existing pastors, but we try to identify future pastors by training lay leaders as well. We are training a broad range of men for future ministry including three that are now on the pathway for ordination that will form the bedrock of a new presbyterian denomination!

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